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About Me

I am a wife, and busy mom of 2 girls ages 8 and 5, (and 1 Goldendoodle pup!)  3 years ago I started my health and fitness journey after my second daughter was born. I have lost 40+ lbs with the help of Beachbody fitness programs and with clean eating. I have found a way to make healthy eating and exercise a part of our family’s lifestyle. My mission in life is to help other ladies succeed and to break free from the vicious cycle of emotional eating and dieting!

I want to help other ladies because I know what it feels like to feel lost in every aspect of my life. I’ve learned that loving yourself and tossing the “head trash” will spark huge changes, and these go far beyond just a physical transformation. I’ve been transformed mentally, spiritually, financially, and even in my marriage and family. I want to inspire others that anything is possible and they have the power to change their life!