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- 30 minute goal setting consultation
- Weekly progress assessment
- Unlimited coach support
- Ladies only private online support network
- Private app for tracking
- 12 months of unlimited access to Beachbody on Demand
- 30 day supply of a CLEAN, delicious, nutrient-rich supplement shake
- Easy to follow clean eating meal plan
- Portion control containers
- My Family Friendly Recipes eBook
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21 Pounds Down




“I felt sluggish, tired, and had low self-esteem. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin and was tired of having clothes that didn’t fit correctly.On top of not liking the way I looked on the outside, I felt like I was too tired to play with my kids. I wanted to be fun again and be able to keep up with them.  Now I am more confident and willing to encourage others to do the same. Since I am also a registered nurse, I feel like patients could not take an obese nurse seriously when I would tell them about eating healthy, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle. Now that I am practicing what I preach, I feel that I can better motivate patients and others around me by setting an example.”

41 Pounds Down



“When I first started, I said to myself: “I’m not really going to change how I eat. I’m just going to work out.” After about week one, I slowly started to change that without even intending to. I gave up Starbucks and started Shakeology instead. I gave up fast food and junk food like chips, and I started drinking lots more water. Slowly my meals changed into healthier options and by about week four, I was changing my whole life all because of the motivation of the Beachbody program, my Coach, and my Challenge Group! I literally feel better than ever in my life, and I can honestly say that I no longer struggle with my eating disorder. The voices and depression that it tends to leave behind have vanished, and I am 100 percent healthy and pushing harder to continue to change my life!”

This is What Makes My VIP Program Different!

Unlike a gym membership, my VIP Program is customized to help you achieve your specific goals. You will have unlimited access to an ever-growing library of workout programs to suit any ability level. You will have simple, delicious meal plans at your fingertips, as well as a dense, superfood nutritional shake that is CLEAN, healthy, and delicious! You will receive daily support and accountability from your free coach (me!), and access to a fun online group of amazing ladies who are all working together to crush their goals.  The best part? It is all done from the comfort of your own home and can be easily worked into your busy schedule.

There are 3 options to choose from and each can be tailored to your goals and preferences, to get you to the results you want achieve!

  Basic VIP
Step by Step Fitness Plan
Customizable Meal Plan
Nutritional Superfood Supplement
Private (Ladies Only) Online Accountability Group
My Coaching (FREE)
30 minute Jumpstart Goal Setting Consultation
My Kid-Friendly Clean Eating Plan with Recipes
Streaming Access to All Programs
VIP App for Tracking
Weekly Check-In Calls
Monthly Goal Assessment and Planning Calls
Fun Prize Giveaways!
  $160-$275 $160

*All programs have the option to continue after 30 days.

And you can now get ALL of the workouts, on all of your devices!

Now you can do your workout anytime, anywhere – at home or on the go with On Demand digital streaming! Stream to your phone, iPad, laptop, PC, or smart TV.

  • Access your favorite workouts through Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.
  • Access to the online SuperGym, where you can schedule and log your workouts and easily track your progress.
  • New fitness content is added each month, so you can continue getting amazing results and never get bored!
  • Healthy delicious recipes are only a click away with our ever changing line-up found in our exclusive cooking show!

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